Rorie Kelly is an award-winning singer/songwriter/ladybeast from Long Island. Her mission in life is to spread healing through art, and to remind you to love yourself with the fierceness of a kitten that doesn’t know it is tiny. Her music has been featured in film and TV shows, received radio airplay around the world, and led her to perform at the Obama White House in 2016.

Her most recent album Shadow Work is about shining a light in the darkness and healing wounds. The production is big and dark, and performed largely by just two people – Rorie herself, and her father/production partner, Kevin Kelly. “It was exciting to us to see just how much power we could pack into these songs as two humans in a studio with a vision,” says Rorie. The songwriting looks deeply into topics like self worth, growth and letting go, and how our culture treats people who don’t fit the mainstream “default.” The opening song, “Full Moon Charm Bracelet,” was featured in the 2021 film Hearts and Vines, which won a Telly Award for Use of Music. 

A powerhouse performer, Rorie gigs frequently, lighting up stages with her fiery vocals and her sense of humor. Expect live looping, audience involvement and improvised songwriting on the spot. The mood will veer from silly and joyful to heartfelt and meaningful, taking you on a journey of healing honesty. A master of dynamics, Rorie will go from an earnest one-guitar-one-voice arrangement to a lush soundscape with layers of vocals, guitar, beatboxing and keyboard samples — often in the space of one song.

Rorie also performs virtually–livestreaming regularly on Twitch (, and performs exclusive all-request online concerts once a month for her patrons on Patreon ( For more information or to contact Rorie, visit