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Rorie Kelly makes ladybeast music. Her life’s mission is to create music that inspires others to love themselves fiercely and become their own heroes. Rorie’s empowerment anthem “If You Teach a Bird to Sing” led her to perform the Obama White House and earned her a top 10 staff pick from WFUV’s John Platt. She is currently working on a new album release for 2019 called Shadow Work. For bookings and more information visit

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Rorie Kelly makes ladybeast music. Her mission as a songwriter is to empower people who don’t feel like they fit, and teach them to love themselves fiercely and to become their own heroes. A powerhouse performer, she gigs constantly around the northeast and lights up stages with her fiery vocals and her sense of humor.

Rorie is known for her feminism and empowerment work for women and the LGBT community. Her inspiring anthem If You Teach a Bird to Sing took her to the Obama White House in 2016 to perform at the Bisexual Community Briefing. In 2017, it was chosen as a top 10 Staff Pick by WFUV DJ John Platt.

Rorie has released two studio albums, Wish Upon a Bottlecap and Rising Rising Rising. With the release of Rising Rising Rising, which the singer refers to as her “badass empowerment album” Rorie also began a musical empowerment project she calls Songs to Start a Fire. “Songs to Start a Fire and is my way to pass on all that I have learned in my journey, through music,” the singer explains. “It puts you in touch with your own power and teaches you how to befriend yourself.”

In late 2017, Rorie released the acoustic single Alternative Facts, calling out our current administration and a culture that treats women as disposable objects. “It’s really time for all of us to raise our voices and stand up for ourselves and each other,” Rorie explains. “This song is one part of how I am doing that.” She is currently gigging constantly and also working on a forthcoming album called Shadow Work. The release date is to be determined, but the singer promises the album will be “big, dark, and 150% more witchy.”

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